One Call Can Solve All Your House Repair Needs

Contact Info     Jay Harmon, Owner 408.449.7821
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Flooring services offered by Household Repairs:

  • Wood floor sand/refinish old
  • Brick floor clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Carpet install, removal, replace
  • Carpet pad Install, removal, replace
  • Carpet stairway install, removal, replace
  • Concrete floor clean, install, paint/seal, removal, replace
  • Epoxy floor install, removal, replace
  • Flooring bathroom, whole room
  • Floor insulation Install, removal, replace
  • Floor joist install, removal, replace (beams)
  • Floor sheathing install, removal, replace, seal (sub floor)
  • Floor tile marble or ceramic clean, install, remove, replace, seal
  • Floor tile entryway
  • Floor tile granite install, removal, replace
  • Floor tile re-grout
  • Floor truss install, removal, replace
  • Girder double or single install, removal, replace
  • Girder triple install, removal, replace
  • Glued down carpet install, removal, replace
  • Grout new bath, room
  • Hardwood floor install, refinish, removal, replace
  • Wood floor finish new
  • Laminated floor (Pergo) clean, install, refinish, remove, replace
  • Parquet floor clean, finish/seal, install, refinish, remove, replace
  • Plank floor clean, finish/seal, install, refinish, remove, replace
  • Protect floor (masking)
  • Regrout bath floor, room tile
  • Seal bathroom, room
  • Slate floor clean, install, remove, replace
  • Squeaky floor
  • Sub floor bathroom/whole room installed, repair
  • Tiles replaced floor
  • Vinyl floor tile (VCT) clean, install, remove, replace
  • Vinyl sheet floor (Lino) clean, install, remove, replace