One Call Can Solve All Your House Repair Needs

Contact Info     Jay Harmon, Owner 408.449.7821
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Contact Household Repairs to tend to your door repairs or installation needs. 408.449.7821

  • Access door installed
  • Access panel door built, repair
  • Bi-Fold doors installed, paint/stain, removed, replaced
  • Bi-Pass doors installed, paint/stain, removed, replaced
  • Cabinet/drawer handles replaced
  • Repair door
  • Door adjusted
  • Door closer cylinder replaced
  • Door closer installed new, removed, replaced
  • Door jamb finish, installed, paint/refinish, removed, replaced
  • Doorjamb/ window sill R&R-rot repair
  • Door knob replaced
  • Door knocker install
  • Door peephole install
  • Door side lights install, paint/refinish, removed, replaced
  • Double doors (French) installed, paint/refinish, removed, replaced
  • Fire door install, remove, replace
  • French doors installed
  • Garage door (overhead) install, remove, replace
  • Hinges
  • Kick plate install, repair
  • Lock set repair (door knobs)
  • Mailbox slot added to door
  • Panic bar (push) (crash) replace
  • Pet door installed
  • Pocket door installed, repair
  • Pre hung door finish, install, paint, refinish, remove, replace
  • Screen door install, repair
  • Screens replaced
  • Slab door finish, install, paint/refinish, removed, replaced
  • Sliding glass door (patio door) install, repair , remove, replace
  • Storm door installed
  • Threshold repair
  • Weather-stripping