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Contact Info     Jay Harmon, Owner 408.449.7821
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Interior Carpentry Services –

  • Access panel built
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles new by room residential
  • Backsplash, countertop
  • Base molding install – wood, painted
  • Blinds hung in window
  • Blown Insulation Install, remove, replace
  • Cabinet doors replaced
  • Cabinet Hinges adjusted
  • Cabinet repair, removed
  • Ceiling paneling (prefinished)
  • Ceiling panels (aluminum)
  • Chair rail installed, removed, replaced
  • Closet rod installed
  • Closet wire shelf install
  • Countertop install, removed, replaced, set/scribed wood
  • Cove molding installed, removed, replaced
  • Crown molding installed, removed, replaced
  • Fiberglass Insulation Install, remove, replace
  • Fireplace box install, remove, replace
  • Fireplace damper Install, remove, replace
  • Fireplace gas log set install, remove, replace
  • Fireplace glass doors install, remove, replace
  • Fireplace hearth install, remove, replace
  • Fireplace screen install, remove, replace
  • Framing for build out, duct enclosure, knee wall, small closet
  • Hand rail wall mounted install, paint, refinish, remove, replace
  • Insulation batting install, remove, replace
  • Kitchen soffit
  • Medicine cabinet installed
  • Metal stud wall install, removal, replace
  • Microwave installed over counter
  • Mirror/picture hung on wall
  • Molding finish/seal, install, paint, refinish, removal, replace
  • Paneling install, paint/stain, refinish, removal, replace
  • Peg board install, remove, replace
  • Railings installed horizontal, on stairway
  • Sheetrock (drywall) install, remove, replace
  • Shelving installed, paint/stain, refinish, removal, replace
  • Skylight tubular install new
  • Stair rail w/balusters install, paint refinish, replace, remove
  • Stairs Install, paint/stain, refinish, removal, replace
  • Stair stringer Install, paint/stain, refinish, removal, replace
  • Stair treads installed
  • Texture
  • T&G beaded walls install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Trim around door
  • Trim installed bathroom
  • Valance board paint/stain, refinish, replace
  • Walk-in closet wire system install
  • Wall build out start to finish
  • Wallpaper/wallpaper border install, removal, replace
  • White boards installed on wall
  • Widen doorway
  • Windowsill install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Wood stove install, paint, removal, replace

Exterior Carpentry Services