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Bathroom repair, improvements and maintenance are an integral part of Household Repairs’ services. Whether your bathroom project is small or a multi-day project, Jay and his crew bring attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job.


Common bathroom services performed include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Bath tub, walls, or both remove and replace
  • Caulk & seal around tub & sink
  • Cement board wall install, remove, replace
  • Ceramic base molding
  • Ceramic tile wall clean/seal, install, remove, replace
  • Countertop tile install
  • Faucet in sink replaced
  • Granite/Marble wall tile install, removal, replace, seal
  • Greenboard walls install, removal, replace
  • Grout tile
  • Handicap grab-bar install, replace
  • Medicine cabinet installed – new
  • Medicine cabinet removed – wall patched
  • Pedestal sink installed
  • Shower door install new, repair
  • Shower or tub faucet replaced
  • Shower pan install new / replace
  • Shower removed / replaced
  • Shower rod installed
  • Sink installed
  • Soap dish installed
  • Soap dispenser install, replace
  • Tap in shower/tub replaced
  • Tile repair, replaced
  • Toilet guts replaced
  • Toilet paper dispenser installed
  • Toilet partition repair
  • Toilet seat installed
  • Towel or grab bars installed
  • Tub drain replace
  • Tub enclosure removed/replaced (shower)
  • Vanity installed
  • Wall tile installed
  • Wax ring replaced