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Contact Info     Jay Harmon, Owner 408.449.7821
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Jay’s team are professionals with all types of fencing, such as…

  • Decorative lattice
  • Redwood fencing***
  • Stretch fence
  • Vinyl fence install, remove, replace
  • Wire fence replace
  • Wrought iron fence install, remove, replace
  • Wrought iron railing install, remove, replace, paint
  • Barbed wire fence install, remove, replace
  • Cedar, privacy install, remove, replace
  • Chain link fence repair
  • Fence B&B 2 side install, remove, replace, paint, seal
  • Fence chain link install, remove, replace
  • Fence gate install, remove, replace
  • Fence grapestake install, remove, replace, paint
  • Fence posts in concrete install, remove, replace
  • Fence posts in dirt install, remove, replace
  • Gate install, repair
  • Picket fence install, remove, replace, paint/stain
  • Post removed/replaced
  • Split rail fence install, remove, replace, paint/stain
  • Stockade fence install, remove, replace

***Redwood fencing is our specialty!