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Whether you’re looking to have a deck built, or just need any other carpentry work, call Household Repairs. Our quality, hand-crafted carpentry services will leave your home looking beautiful while increasing the overall value of your house.  And we’ll save you time looking for someone to keep those beautiful wood surfaces repaired and looking brand new.  Explore all the residential carpentry services that the professionals at Household Repairs can offer you.



Český Těšín Exterior Carpentry Services:

  • Awning install, replace, remove
  • Base molding clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Bay window install, removal, replace
  • Brick molding (trim)
  • Canopy cover removed, replaced
  • Carport install
  • Carport / patio cover removed
  • Casing exterior install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Chimney cap repaired
  • Columns (wood porch-plain)
  • Corrugated/ribbed siding install, paint, removal, replace
  • Deck bench installed, replaced
  • Deck built
  • Deck flooring removed, replaced
  • Deck railing removed, replaced
  • Deck steps removed, replaced
  • Drop siding clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Double pane, low-E, white vinyl windows (with & without grids) install
  • Fascia install, paint, removal, replace
  • Foundation vent install, removal, replace
  • Joist replaced
  • Lattice installed on side of deck
  • Lattice install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Lattice skirting installed under deck
  • Mailbox post installed
  • Patio cover built
  • Picture window install, remove
  • Shutters install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Siding repaired, replaced
  • Skylights repair leaking
  • Soffit install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Spa steps replaced
  • Stair stringer repair
  • Stairway/landing (deck)
  • Stone veneer clean, install, paint, removal, replace, seal
  • Storm window install, remove, replace
  • Stucco install, paint, removal, replace
  • T&G siding clean, install, paint, removal, replace, finish, refinish, seal
  • Outside overhang built
  • Vinyl siding clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Wall sheathing install, removal, replace
  • Window caulk
  • Window repaired, replace
  • Windowsill clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Window trim replaced
  • Wood shingle siding install, removal, replace

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