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Exterior Carpentry Services:

  • Awning install, replace, remove
  • Base molding clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Bay window install, removal, replace
  • Brick molding (trim)
  • Canopy cover removed, replaced
  • Carport install
  • Carport / patio cover removed
  • Casing exterior install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Chimney cap repaired
  • Columns (wood porch-plain)
  • Corrugated/ribbed siding install, paint, removal, replace
  • Deck bench installed, replaced
  • Deck built
  • Deck flooring removed, replaced
  • Deck railing removed, replaced
  • Deck steps removed, replaced
  • Drop siding clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Double pane, low-E, white vinyl windows (with & without grids) install
  • Fascia install, paint, removal, replace
  • Foundation vent install, removal, replace
  • Joist replaced
  • Lattice installed on side of deck
  • Lattice install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Lattice skirting installed under deck
  • Mailbox post installed
  • Patio cover built
  • Picture window install, remove
  • Shutters install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Siding repaired, replaced
  • Skylights repair leaking
  • Soffit install, paint/stain, removal, replace
  • Spa steps replaced
  • Stair stringer repair
  • Stairway/landing (deck)
  • Stone veneer clean, install, paint, removal, replace, seal
  • Storm window install, remove, replace
  • Stucco install, paint, removal, replace
  • T&G siding clean, install, paint, removal, replace, finish, refinish, seal
  • Outside overhang built
  • Vinyl siding clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Wall sheathing install, removal, replace
  • Window caulk
  • Window repaired, replace
  • Windowsill clean, install, paint, removal, replace
  • Window trim replaced
  • Wood shingle siding install, removal, replace

Interior Carpentry